The Bonin Base

Ludy panorama view

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The Ogasawara Islands (also known as the Bonin Islands) became a natural world heritage in 2011. Naturally this helped the Ogasawara Islands to become more known to people outside of Japan and as a result the number of non-Japanese visitors has increased. Although there seem to be many who wish to visit the Ogasawara Islands some struggle to gather information about the place as there are few sites offering help in English. After receiving suggestions from some of the islanders and being an English speaker living on the island, I thought of creating a site where I could try to provide details about this unique place for people who would like to read in English. I hope to be able to contribute through putting some information here from time to time. At the same time I will also be using it as a place for people on and off the island to get information regarding some of the work I do here.